A1 Portable Buildings – Dog Kennels

Dog and pet owners here you go! Finally, something that’s user friendly and convenient.

Standard Features

  • Comes in 4 popular sizes, 8x12, 8x16, Seperated 8x16, and our 4 dog kennel 8x28

Easy to Maintain

Our dog kennel also comes with composite decking for easy washing and cleaning. Will not rot like wood floors. Also comes with a doggie door, kennel gate, wood door, window, and a chain link divider panel w/ gate inside the building.

Custom sizes are made as well! Contact your local dealer for info.

A1 Portable Buildings

A1 Portable Buildings: Chicken Coops

Standard Features

  • Space-saving and compact 6x8 size.
  • Comfortably fits 8 - 16 chickens
  • Treated floor for cleaning (pine shavings still recommended)

All the Amenities!
Packed with handy and essential components for our feathered friends. Including pulley operated chicken door, 4 nesting boxes with external access, and additional roosting bars.

Additional Photo