A1 Portable Buildings - Tiny House

(As seen on TV) If a singular product has far surpassed expectations and popularity, look no farther than our Tiny House model. Put simply: it is an empty shell rife with possibilities for customization, only limited by your imagination. Perfectly suited for mother-in-law quarters, man-caves, office spaces, and even recording studios! Or maybe you just want to get your kid out of the house but not too far away, letting them have the ideal first house without having to go through the monotonous tedium of apartment-hunting.

Standard Features

  • This Building Comes Standard With 2 vinyl insulated 3x3 Windows & 1-9 Lite Entry Door. 92” Walls for 12′ 14′ & 16′ Wide.
  • Sizes start at 12x16 and go all the way up to 16x52!

Increase the Appeal of Your Tiny House!

  • Optional porches, customizable window and door placement, interior walls, insulation packages, and even loft spaces for overhead storage/sleeping quarters (just mind your head up there).
  • Custom buildings upon request.
Lofted Barn Tiny House with Porch
Lofted Barn Tiny House with Porch